1/ What conditions must be met to cook with the Sunicook?

  • Clear Blue sky 
 – Correct position of the sun to get optimal irradiation
  • Proper structure and position of the Sunicook
  • Appropriate choice of dish
 – Dark coloured or black pot

2/ Will the outside of the Sunicook become hot?

No. The oven can easily be touched and turned without risk of burns. Therefore it is also safe in the presence of children playing in the garden.

3/ It is beyond 30 ° C and still my Sunicook doesn’t work properly.

The ambient temperature is not the main condition. What you really need is a clear blue sky for optimal solar radiation.

4/ How do I know if the Sunicook is in the right position?

The Sunicook should aim at an optimum angle to the sun. Therefore use the sun indicator. The central screw creates a line shaped shadow. Adjust the parabole until the shadow forms a small ball within the white ring-shaped disk.

5/ Why should I sometimes turn the Sunicook?

Follow the sun for the optimal radiation concentrated on the pot. Rotating with the sun every half an hour is enough.

6/ When can you cook with the sun?

In western and southern Europe the Sunicook can be used from March until October. During the remaining months the sun is not strong enough in this part of the world. Depending on the season you can cook between 09.00 and 19.00 hours.

7/ Can I cook when there is wind?

A summer breeze cannot harm the process, but preferably put your Sunicook in a sheltered place in order to prevent the wind cooling off your pot.

8/ What different dishes can I cook?

The Sunicook is ideal for making soups, casseroles, stews, tagines, spaghetti, sauces, tea and coffee. If the sun is high in the sky, you can fry meat or fish. Making a cake or bread can succeed but requires some solar cooking experience. Cover the top with some aluminium foil to avoid burning. In African and Asian countries the Sunicook can be very useful to make safe drinking water or sterilize e.g. medical equipment.

9/ For how many people can I cook with the Sunicook?

The answer is a maximum of 8 persons.

10/ How long does it take to prepare a dish?

This depends on the conditions – being the position of the sun, the wind, the brightness of the sky and the season. Usually you can estimate 15 to 20 minutes to boil one litre of water. The Sunicook can easily boil 5 litres of water.

11/ Why is a black cooking pot ideal?

Black or dark-coloured pots are ideal to absorb and retain the heat. The lid can be made of glass but do not forget to cover a plastic of wooden handle with aluminium foil to prevent it from melting.

12/ Why should you not use a shiny aluminium pan?

Shiny pans are not suitable because they reflect the light and therefore will not retain the heat.

13/ Why do I have to cover the handle of the lid?

If the handle is made of wood or plastic cover them with some foil. This will avoid melting or burning by the heat. The pan’s handle doesn’t need to be covered because it is not in the cooking zone and therefore is not exposed to high temperatures.

14/ How do I clean my Sunicook?

Place your Sunicook out of the sun before you clean it. Clean it with a damp soft cloth with a drop of dishwashing cleaner.

15/ Why does the water in the pot not reach boiling temperature?

Check whether there is sufficient solar radiation and the sky is bright blue. Again check all the necessary conditions as previously mentioned. Is your solarcooker properly positioned towards the sun?

16/ When do I the position of the parabole itself?

For the optimal radiation: the higher the sun the flatter the position of the parabole.