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SolarCooker Sunicook sold out!

What is a solar oven?

With a solar oven you can cook with the radiation from the sun. All it takes is a clear blue sky and a Sunicook. The solarcooker catches the sun and reflects the radiation in the centre of the parabole, which is easily adjustable.

How does the Sunicook exactly works?

A shell-shaped (parabolic) surface composed of polished aluminium reflects the sunlight to a central zone in the Sunicook. In this zone you can cook, bake, steam even grill the food. The parabole being deeply shaped concentrates the reflections onto the inside, which makes the cooker safe to use. The parabole itself does not get heated up.

What are the dimensions of the Sunicook?

The Sunicook has a diameter of 1.20 meter The Sunicook is packed in a small carton box of 1.20 x 50 x 15 centimetres. (48 x 20 x 6 inches) Installation is very easy and only takes approximately 20 minutes.

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