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Attack on biodiversity

Did you know that worldwide more than 2 billion people cook daily with wood or charcoal? Not only this is unhealthy, it is also one of the major causes of massive deforestation. The consequences are not long in coming: desertification, climate warming, loss of biodiversity.



Daily heavy task

Gathering wood is a daily, difficult task for women and children, and inhibits their opportunities for education and development. The trip in search of wood is also getting longer and longer, while the price of charcoal is rapidly increasing.


Our solution: cooking with sunlight

A solar oven could look at all things trendy in our ears, in Africa it could be the solution to a healthy and environmentally friendly way to cook 
. Experts calculate that solar cooking might save up to 50% wood use and equally lesser CO2 emissions may result.

How can you help?

Buying a SolarCooker , is a direct support to the introduction of solar cookers in Africa.