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SolarCooker Sunicook sold out!

Three billion people still cook on wood or charcoal daily. This has a serious impact on nature and mankind.

Integrated cooking is an alternative. Essentially it means cooking with solar energy combined with energy saving woodstoves and insulation baskets (hay-baskets). Consequently the energy consumption can be drastically reduced, also decreasing both environmental and social effects.

Sol Suffit vzw started as a climate project in 2008 of Natuurpunt.koepel vzw and is now promoting these integrated cooking ideas. The attention focuses on the concept of solar cooking: parabolic cookers are the most efficient solar cookers. Over the past few years our group has developed several types. From the beginning of 2014 we have been experimenting with a renewed type named the Sunicook.

By selling solar cookers Sol Suffit intends to build/gain financial sources in order to realize integrated cooking projects in various African countries. From the very start Sol Suffit has initiated pilot projects with local people in the South.

In the meantime Sol Suffit is an independent association mainly run by volunteers.

If you like to join us to expand VZW Sol Suffit, you can contact us at info@solsuffit.be.

For further information about the projects we refer to our webside www.solsuffit.be