Step 1: Check if all parts are present

Before you start, look carefully at the images on the fitting instructions to verify that all parts are present and where exactly the components should be fitted.

Step 2: Fix the tripod.

The tripod with the legs are secured together with screws and wing nuts.

Step 3: Mount the metal support ring and the harness for the cooking pot.

The support ring of the parabole consists of two identical metal halves; connect them with the wingnuts. Then put the harness for the cooking pot into the support ring. In order to do so, you need to slide the cylinders through the openings in the support ring.

Step 4: Mount the metal support ring to the tripod

The support ring with the support for the cooking pot fit into the slot on top of the harness. Fix them with a long screw and wingnut. The extra wingnut in one of the cylinders of the central axis allows the parabole to be stabilized at a particular angle.

Step 5: Mounting the reflecting lamellae

In your mounting kit you will find 12 reflecting lamellae. Start off with the 2 with a central opening enclosing the cylinders of the central axis. Connect them underneath with the big screw which will allow all lamellae to join. Fix the lamellae onto the metal support ring with 2 screws and a plastic screw which goes on the inside of the reflectors.
Then add the additional 10 lamellae to your parabole. Take 2 lamellae each time which you symmetrically adjust opposite each other with the pointed side over the central screw. The lamellae overlap each other in order to get a contiguous surface for a perfect reflection. Tighten the central screw underneath and apply the solar inverter from the inside. Ready to use!