How to use the Sunicook?

The Sunicook is correctly functioning when adjusted to the sun. The correct position can be checked by using the sun indicator in the centre of the parabole. By showing a shadow it indicates the centre of the white ring. The reflection of the sun should be below and on the cooking pot.
Adjust the Sunicook towards the sun with a slight turn every half an hour. Look for a sheltered place as the wind may cool the cooking zone.

What can I prepare?

All cooked dishes can be prepared: soup, potatoes, vegetables, spaghetti, rice, etc.
The Sunicook is also ideal for making stews, casseroles or tagines. It can even grill meat or vegetables.
Cooking time varies according to radiation, time of day and season, and will take between 15 to 20 minutes to boil a litre of water.
The Sunicook can heat 10 litres.
It takes about the same cooking time for stews or tagines as with a conventional oven.


Which pans can I use?

Use the Sunicook preferably with a black or dark-coloured pot that absorbs the heat. Grill plates, teapots, tagines or casseroles can also be used only if plastic or wooden handles are protected against melting or burning. (e.g. with some aluminium foil). The cooking support can support up to 12 kg (26lbs).